Never had in my many real estate dealings such a good service! București Ilfov, Testimoniale Vânzători

I came across Realpro while there were selling a house in the neighborhood. I realized they had the professionals and the attitude that make the real estate business as easy and comfortable as possible for the one that hires them. Shortly afterwards, this became true for me.

Having to sell a “not so easy to sell” house at Bucharest’s border, Realpro gave me just all the support I needed, advised what to do, solved difficult issues with the authorities, assisted me in preparing the house, and did the necessary measures to attract quickly the interested people. Result was a sale process that left not only me and the house purchaser happy, but also was economically better than expected. I never had in my (many) real estate dealings such a good service and can only recommend RealPro and its system.

I observed also that they constantly are working on improvements – therefore there is not much I could suggest…

Jorge Leuschner, București